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How Can One Style Their Hair Using Head Wrap Scarf?

Are you one who keeps up with the latest trends and styles? Then, you might be aware of the newest hairstyle trend that people are loving. Well, it's the head wrap scarf. They are not just the perfect solution to your bad hair days, but it's a quick way to style up hair for any occasion in just 30 seconds. 

Further, for all those planning to buy head wrap scarf online in New York and wondering how to add them to their styling collection, here are the few scarf styles that one can try on to ace this new trend. So, let's move ahead and discuss the various styling options without any delay. 

Different ways to style head wrap scarf

1) With bun or an updo

As per this style option, you can style up your hair into a bun or updo as per your choice and then throw on a head wrap to completely transform the look. This style is perfect for those hot and humid days when you don't want your hair on your face or neck.

2) With modern pigtails

The best thing about the head wrap scarfs is that they are available in all fun patterns and textures. And with such great options available, one can easily pair it with their pigtails and rock the chic look. 

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3) Long and textured

The best way to wear the head wrap scarf is to leave your hair down and wrap it around your head and tie it on the nape of your neck. This simple style tip can help keep hair out of the face and help hide your oily roots.

4) Style for gym hair

For those considering buying a tie dye headband online in New York for the gym, it is suggested to try a head wrap scarf. They are a trendy and cute alternative to the traditional gym headband and baseball cap. Whether you prefer a top knot or ponytail, you can use a head wrap to pull all your hair together to keep your hair getting in the way of your workout.

5) Upgrade your low ponytail

You can even upgrade your simple style by adding a head wrap scarf to the low ponytail. You need to put your mane in a low pony and then tie the scarf at its base, and it's done.

6) For full coverage

Whether you have a really bad hair day or wish to protect your hair with the hair scarf, you can consider this style option. 

  • For this style option, you must clip all your hair up to keep all the locks close to your head. 
  • Then, you can take a head scarf and fold it in half in the form of a triangle. 
  • Now, place the straight edge of the scarf on the nape of your neck, and then bring two ends on the front.
  • Then, tie the two ends into the knot, and you are all done. 


In the end, you can say that a head wrap scarf is a great option to style up their hair and save themselves from a bad hair day. However, if you are willing to Buy head wrap scarf online in New York, you can consider browsing through SanJules to find some of the finest quality scarfs to style up your hair.
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